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Ms. Sonia Pasqual loves music and dancing and has been designing lighting
& set pieces for dance since she was a student in 1996-2001. She then began
lighting for companies in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Maitland and Winter Park,
Florida for over 10 years. Sonia now designs lighting in Washington state and
continues to light for her most passionate genre of live performance, dance.

Valencia Dance, Orlando, Florida
At Valencia, dance is one of the strongest elements of performance. We are able to combine the
talents of acting, singing and dancing all in one for a high quality performance production.
Ballet, Modern, Choreography - Dr. Suzanne R. Salapa
Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Repertory, Pointe - Lesley Brasseux Rodgers
Valencia College Dance Program Directors
Lighting Designer & Educator - Instructor of Lighting Design 2001 to 2011

Sonia Pasqual has light dance & ballet for over 550 pieces over the years
for Contemporary Modern, Jazz, and Neo-Classical Ballet to name a few from 2003-2013.

Carousel, the musical at Valencia


Click on the photo to enlargen, photographers: William Hung and Sonia Pasqual

Ballet South 2008
So In Cline

Ballet South 08
Senior Company

Ballet South 08
Junior Company

Ballet South 08

Ballet South 3/08
We are the Champions

Junior Company

Junior Company

DBCC Dance Preview
Lighting Director 2003

Dance Instructor: Kevin Vega

DBCC Dance Preview

Ballet South 2007

Ballet South 2007
Spring Concert

Festival of Dance, 2005
Annie Russel Theatre
Paul Jepson & Courtney De Cosmo

Festival of Dance 2005

Itty Bit Dancers

Festival of Dance 2005

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